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Episode 1: Beating the Taliban

The revolutionary possibilities of blockchain technology are creating opportunities for humanitarians, entrepreneurs, activists and artists to finally compete on a level global playing field. For the first time we are documenting the real world projects putting these dreams into reality.  Doctors, artists, inventors, activists, entrepreneurs, individuals from all walks of life are rejecting the narratives that divide us in favor of a narrative as old as humanity itself: there is no problem large or small that together we can’t solve. New technologies are emerging from the pains of humanity’s greatest challenges. Impact entrepreneurs are creating new systems for governance, commerce and society, with the goal of building social impact and human rights into the architecture of their systems as they race to outcompete incumbent powers. Impact entrepreneurs are using blockchain technology with nanotech, biotech and AI to develop a new breed of self-sustaining systems for economic inclusion, democracy, healthcare, refugee aid, environmental sustainability and liberty, with the goal of generating sustainable profits while positively impact all whom their organizations touch. Will these individuals succeed at fixing our greatest challenges in the face of opposition from strong incumbent systems or will we see blockchain co-opted by legacy powers to further solidify their positions and prevent the critical changes that would bring about a fairer freer world?






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Series Creator and Director

Phil launched Banking on Bitcoin with Director Chris Cannuciarri to cover the early years of Bitcoin, the most disruptive invention since the Internet, and the players who are defining how this technology will shape our lives.  Since then, Phil has continued his coverage of the impact entrepreneurs using bitoinc and blockchain to lay the foundations of tomorrows high impact industries and societal systems.  Inspired by these individuals and organizations developing powerful new forms of decentralized co-operation, competition and social architecture, Phil has become deeply involved in the space as an advisor and member of a number of blockchain startups, including two ventures that use blockchain for filmmaking.  


Phil founded Disintermediary LLC in 2017 to fill a major gap in the blockchain space: custom design and development of distributed autonomous organizations that disintermediate business models.  Disintermediary spun out Media Verification Systems Inc. to provide journalists and filmmakers a higher standard of verifiability for documenting digital media including video and audio: the Video Authentication and Licensing Identification Document (VALID).  The beta version of the system is live, hosted at, and is being tested and refined throughout the production of the Blockchain Revolution series.


Phil is also Creative Director of PoA, a social funding and publicity network providing business solutions for artists using blockchain.  At PoA Phil contributes to the design and development of blockchain-based product and service offerings, the creative vision of the brand, and development of the customer-facing PoA platform and user experience.