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Survey Responses - Jobs Lost
The People Project


Have you lost income due to the coronavirus outbreak?  


We are so sorry and we are worried too. But no matter what, your voice deserves to be heard!  Please help us communicate the severity of this crisis to our government officials by completing this brief

3 minute survey.


(Please note that the survey is only for US residents at this time.


We will never ask for money and we will never sell your data.






If you are a freelancer, hourly employee, independent contractor, or part of the gig-economy whose livelihoods have been made more difficult during this financial downturn, we want to hear from you.


We are deeply concerned about the recent staggering number of jobs lost.  Our elected officials need facts.  What are the real numbers?  How bad is it?  Without accurate data, decision-makers can only do so much to help. 


What are we going to do with this data?


Please help us get the word out to fellow Americans via social media.  Here is the link:

The People Project.


We will anonymize the data, identify meaningful trends, and share it with  local, state, and federal governments and decision makers. Armed with REAL data, we will ask our government for more urgent action aimed at relieving people suffering right now and for months to come.


Let’s face it, many workers do not necessarily qualify for unemployment.

Who are we?

PoA is an early-stage start-up serving the gig-economy by providing business operations tools and was founded by freelancers who understand the hustle of maintaining a steady income and technology nerds who understand the power of numbers and data.  We partnered with GBBC, a non-profit focused on creating more secure, equitable, and functional societies, utilizing technology, to gather data directly from our community and make our voices heard. 


We will make our findings public, free, and transparent.


Thank you and stay strong!


P.S. We will never sell your data and we are using our own funds and resources to get this up and running. PoA is a bootstrapped small business based in Los Angeles.  We believe in strength in #communitytogether


Santa Fe, New Mexico

I stocked up on food, but do not have money to pay my bills

Northampton, Massachusetts

I am worried about finances as well because my spouse has coronavirus and is in the hospital in serious condition and may not be able to work for months if they're able to recover.

Asheville, North Carolina

For renters, a $1200 stimulus is nothing more than a bailout for our landlords